What’s up doc?

What’s happening on Marguerite Quilting?

Well…. for a kick off, not a lot of writing!  (As you might have noticed.. ahum..) but… instead the sewing has taken priority!


This is what is under the machine at the moment.  Lots of quilting going on.

Also lots of exciting news, but more of that to come. Still struggling along with WordPress but practice makes perfect!  isn’t that true?

See you all very soon, back to my quilting 🙂

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Citrus Sweet Love _ BOM


Told you I had a lot to catch up on?  One thing I have been wanting to tell you about is the wonderful Block of the Month that is Citrus Sweet Love ! If you want to read a bit more about it,  go here.

My friend Cathy who is absolutely lovely and so supportive and her friend Emma (from Treehouse Textiles, who I did not know before now) have worked hard to set up this BOM and of course I was super excited to take part!

I know they launched it about 3 months ago now, (that is why I told you, I am playing catch up!) but the amazing fabric packs with renowned Aussie choices that are coming in each month are super tantalizing and so I did want to tell you about it!

As you know… playing catch up here and also with this BOM, but what is in the stash doesn’t go off and I am really looking forward to making these blocks.  I will post as and when I finish one so you can admire the fabrics each month with me as I go!

(and if you fancy it, I think they had a space left and as they are only just sending out number 3 you could easily catch up still!!)



(First month’s parcel… isn’t it lovely?)

ps  another wordpress thing… I posted the first picture right at the top… yet I get a space… anyone?  Thanks! 🙂



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Discovering WordPress



No, the photo has nothing to do with today’s post!  I just found this sculpture outside a florist’s this summer and thought it quite funny!  And what’s a post without photo… 🙂

Teething on WordPress…  Just to let you all know that I hope the replies came through ok.  This is how it works right?  1) you get a comment 2) to reply, you press ‘reply’ (logical) 3) you press send and reply gets sent.  

Ok, so far so good, I have found though that the reply only appears on the blog, which people might or might not revisit.  I am used to pressing reply and getting direct into a person’s email.  

So now I have three options.  

1) Press reply on the blog and leave a comment there only

2) Email the person to reply and do only that and no reply on the blog

3) Do both.

What do other wordpress users do?  Do you like seeing all my replies on the blog to read or do you find it cluttered?  Would you rather have a personal email? 

I’d love to find out your opinion on this before I decide!  

Thanks everyone!!

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First Blog Post – YAY !!



(A little peek through to the meadow from the wooded area in our local park. Thank you Julie (Forest Poppy) to inspire me to get out this morning! )


A new blog!  YAY!  I am excited !!  Are you?  

I hope you are..  To my dear old friends who have found me here, lovely to see you again!  To my lovely new readers who are yet to get to know me; thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you will follow me (press the ‘follow me’ button) and come back and share my quilting journey.

I loved my old blog (www.adventuresinquiltingandsailing.blogspot.com), but it ran away with me a bit… I followed so many people I could not keep track… Then Google Reader went and in spite of having a try with blog lovin’ I seem to have lost half my list.  That will just not do!  So… rather than trying to delete and tidy (last time I tried that I lost my entire list!), I will keep my old blog as archive and start anew!  Sort of like having a full ring binder in the cupboard and starting a fresh one for the new year.

I am excited to share lots with you that I have not yet blogged about. The times I had a blog post in my head but not written it… countless!  Some of you know my mum has not been well, but luckily she is a little better now and so I have some more time to come back to blogging and sewing.

I am looking forward to sharing my sewing journey with you all and show you all I am making and hopefull have for sale in my online shop in a few months time (baby steps… new blog first!).

You will all have to bear with me as wordpress is slightly different from blogger and I am basically a non techie.  Drama when I have to change my phone! But I will share all that also… if you will have me…

More to follow soon

Lovely to see you!  If you want, please leave a comment, I love to hear from my readers and especially now I have my new blog, it will be fab to reconnect/get to know you! 


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