First Blog Post – YAY !!



(A little peek through to the meadow from the wooded area in our local park. Thank you Julie (Forest Poppy) to inspire me to get out this morning! )


A new blog!  YAY!  I am excited !!  Are you?  

I hope you are..  To my dear old friends who have found me here, lovely to see you again!  To my lovely new readers who are yet to get to know me; thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you will follow me (press the ‘follow me’ button) and come back and share my quilting journey.

I loved my old blog (, but it ran away with me a bit… I followed so many people I could not keep track… Then Google Reader went and in spite of having a try with blog lovin’ I seem to have lost half my list.  That will just not do!  So… rather than trying to delete and tidy (last time I tried that I lost my entire list!), I will keep my old blog as archive and start anew!  Sort of like having a full ring binder in the cupboard and starting a fresh one for the new year.

I am excited to share lots with you that I have not yet blogged about. The times I had a blog post in my head but not written it… countless!  Some of you know my mum has not been well, but luckily she is a little better now and so I have some more time to come back to blogging and sewing.

I am looking forward to sharing my sewing journey with you all and show you all I am making and hopefull have for sale in my online shop in a few months time (baby steps… new blog first!).

You will all have to bear with me as wordpress is slightly different from blogger and I am basically a non techie.  Drama when I have to change my phone! But I will share all that also… if you will have me…

More to follow soon

Lovely to see you!  If you want, please leave a comment, I love to hear from my readers and especially now I have my new blog, it will be fab to reconnect/get to know you! 



About mquilting

I love to quilt! If you would like to commission the quilted article of your dreams, no matter how small or big, from phone case to customized queens sized bed quilt, contact me and you will be pleasantly surprised :-)
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57 Responses to First Blog Post – YAY !!

  1. dolores says:

    Yo buddy! Great new start!! Looking forward to the “new’ you!!:)

  2. Jo says:

    Good to see you up and running, and I for one look forward to seeing you blogging again

  3. Ethne says:

    Great to see you back in blogger land – can’t wait to see what you create (or have been creating)

  4. Maria says:

    Ooh, new blog, well done, I will look forward to seeing what you are getting up to. Maria x

  5. Jo says:

    welcome back Marg! Love your new header and background and looking forward to seeing lots more lovely photos soon 🙂

  6. Jo says:

    I have now gone through the ‘share’ thing, but still can’t find the ‘follow you’ ….sure we will get there in the end.

    • mquilting says:

      They must be teething troubles Jo… I have approved and replied to your previous comment. No grey box with ‘follow’ and a cross in the right bottom hand corner? Click on it and it asks your email? We WILL sort this!!

  7. Cathy says:

    Great new blog Marguerite! xo

    • mquilting says:

      Thank you Cathy, really looking forward to reconnecting with everyone! some things (like sidebar) still need adding but I will get there. Step by step. Learning all the way. Lovely to hear from you!

  8. Cathie says:

    You got so excited about your new blog…. you forgot to send the link!!
    It’s always so inspiring to begin something “anew.” Welcome back!

  9. Jo says:

    Oh well, at least I can comment now, and I will add you to my list that I follow.

    • mquilting says:

      I know I won’t lose you Jo, you are one of my all time followers! Hope we will manage for you to follow via wordpress though as I would like to get to grips with all the new wordpress tools..

  10. Shevvylondon says:

    Love the new blog. Sometimes a change is needed.

  11. Well done with an all new start.
    Don’t be(come) digiphobic! (in Dutch: digibeet = someone afraid of new technology) Is there such a word in English? Digilliterate?
    You’re doning fine!

  12. Molly says:

    Well hello again! Love the look of your new blog and can’t wait to catch up with your quilting projects! I’m ending my “summer blahs” lull and hope to start fresh with a bunch of new projects as soon as it cools down just a bit more. You’ve inspired me to get working so I can update my blog too.

  13. Leila says:

    Looking good Marg! Happy new blog day 🙂

  14. Terri says:

    Hi Marguerite! I love the new blog (was there a reason you chose WordPress over Blogger?) and can’t wait to see what you do here. I’ll be following you on Feedly (just so you know that I’m around). I’ve missed you and was just thinking about you the other day. Every time I see the little red heart you sent me, I think about all the nice emails we’ve shared in the past. Hope all is well with you (and your mom). Take care, Terri

    • mquilting says:

      Hi Terri, missed you too but that’s how it goes, hope to be blogging and following more regularly now. I chose WordPress partly because I have heard there are more possibilites in customizing and adding things. Certainly a bit different from Blogger and still feeling my way !

  15. stephanie says:

    Hi! Good to hear from you!! All the best with your new blog! (I didn’t post ALL SUMMER on mine…too much real life goodness and computer issues on top of that!) 😀

  16. Hegarty Annie says:

    Good to hear from you Marguerite and I certainly look forward to seeing your creations…
    Good luck for the new blog, which I havd not been able to open this time ; I am sure it will easier next time.
    Till then

  17. John says:

    Congrats on the fresh start!

  18. Elham Alaie says:

    Hoi lieve Marguerite, gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe blog! Ik hou je in de gaten! 😉 Veel liefs, El

  19. dana says:

    So happy to be here and catching up again!

  20. Wooo Hoooo….it sure is pretty! Thanks for the heads up!


  21. Jo says:

    Yeah! the follow button is now on my screen, so I am proud to be following

    • mquilting says:

      So glad it decided to make an appearance Jo ! It certainly has something to do with things are set up, either at your end or at mine, as the emails I get announcing you have posted a comment also look different from everybody elses. And with others I have to press ‘approved’ first, but with yours it seems that just opening the email approves it… very strange… but… for now it is solved! One day I will stumble across the answer on my quest to learn to use wordpress! 🙂 Important thing is you know where I am and are getting updates, we are connected!!!

  22. Hi Marg…I’ve added you to my list…nice to see you back 🙂

  23. Liz McMahon says:

    Good morning, love the new look….
    See you in a very few weeks..

  24. Catherine says:

    Hi Marguerite, glad to see you all inspired to start blogging again and on a fresh new blog too. I think you are being very brave starting on a new platform, hope you find it as easy as blogger.
    I’m still trying to find the motivation to start blogging regularly again. I think I’m just out of the habit somehow. Maybe you can inspire me.

    • mquilting says:

      Hi Catherine, YES !!! start again! Molly also wants to get back into it so we can all support each other! I have been doing bits and pieces I haven’t blogged about yet and will shortly. It will be so nice to all reconnect !! Will write soon (late here now… ) 🙂

  25. ayumills says:

    Your blog is already so beautiful!

  26. New “year” new blog! :o) (I always think of September as the new year :o) I’ve made the switch in my reader (I like Feedly) and look forward to seeing what comes next on your new blog.

    • mquilting says:

      Hi Jane! New Year indeed! 🙂 and lots to catch up on… the amount of posts I have written in my head but never made it to the actual blog… Lovely to hear from you!

  27. nadia says:

    Hi, Marguerite. Nothing like a fresh start to put things into high gear–looks great! Looking forward to seeing your new adventures.
    best, nadia

  28. Allie says:

    So good to hear from you! I’m looking forward to your new blog posts!

  29. forestpoppy says:

    Yay, I was so pleased to see that you got out for your walk that morning! And that you decided just to go for it with the blog – good luck with getting to know wordpress and I’ll look forward to reading lots more posts. Juliex

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