Discovering WordPress



No, the photo has nothing to do with today’s post!  I just found this sculpture outside a florist’s this summer and thought it quite funny!  And what’s a post without photo… 🙂

Teething on WordPress…  Just to let you all know that I hope the replies came through ok.  This is how it works right?  1) you get a comment 2) to reply, you press ‘reply’ (logical) 3) you press send and reply gets sent.  

Ok, so far so good, I have found though that the reply only appears on the blog, which people might or might not revisit.  I am used to pressing reply and getting direct into a person’s email.  

So now I have three options.  

1) Press reply on the blog and leave a comment there only

2) Email the person to reply and do only that and no reply on the blog

3) Do both.

What do other wordpress users do?  Do you like seeing all my replies on the blog to read or do you find it cluttered?  Would you rather have a personal email? 

I’d love to find out your opinion on this before I decide!  

Thanks everyone!!


About mquilting

I love to quilt! If you would like to commission the quilted article of your dreams, no matter how small or big, from phone case to customized queens sized bed quilt, contact me and you will be pleasantly surprised :-)
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7 Responses to Discovering WordPress

  1. Shevvylondon says:

    I don’t use WordPress so I didn’t realise it worked that way.
    I would never go back to a post I had commented on to see if there was a reply, it’s just not practical I don’t think for two reasons.
    1 – I read a lot of blogs and don’t have time to keep going back
    2 – you could be going back checking and there not be a reply yet, so either you try multiple times or miss it completely.
    Just my thoughts x

  2. dolores says:

    When someone replies to my blog on Blogger it goes right to my email and I reply there. I never reply on my blog unless it’s a question that I think others would like to know the answer and I never go back to anyone’s blog to see other comments.
    Like Shevvy said…there just isn’t enough time!:)

    Question…I am following you on my Blogger Dashboard, is there any way to make that grey “Follow Marguerite Quilting” box in the right hand lower corner to go away?:) There is no way I can see to X out of it.

    Love that topiary!!

  3. Jo says:

    Dee has answered for me, folk that comment on my blog go to my email and I reply directly to them. I probably wouldn’t go back to a blog either. Hope all this helps. I also love the topiary, but is it the real thing or plastic?????

  4. Liz McMahon says:

    Yep, me too. I don’t go back to a post for a reply, never thought of that before? I like that blogger sends it direct to my email then emails go back and forth from there..

  5. pennydog says:

    I just reply via email, I get the notification about a comment and do it from Outlook and don’t involve my blog at all. If it’s something that would be useful, such as an addendum to a tutorial or a response to a question on a review I copy and paste it as a reply on WordPress also, but not very often.

  6. Cathie says:

    She’s back (and the pup too?!)
    My family is “all grown up,” too Marg. Just packed up my last one off to college
    a few weeks ago. Now…… what to do with all of this extra time???????

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