What’s up doc?

What’s happening on Marguerite Quilting?

Well…. for a kick off, not a lot of writing!  (As you might have noticed.. ahum..) but… instead the sewing has taken priority!


This is what is under the machine at the moment.  Lots of quilting going on.

Also lots of exciting news, but more of that to come. Still struggling along with WordPress but practice makes perfect!  isn’t that true?

See you all very soon, back to my quilting 🙂


About mquilting

I love to quilt! If you would like to commission the quilted article of your dreams, no matter how small or big, from phone case to customized queens sized bed quilt, contact me and you will be pleasantly surprised :-)
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4 Responses to What’s up doc?

  1. Jo says:

    Love the quilt, just fresh colours, and its good to see you back. x

  2. Lovely to see you back! Juliex

  3. Sue says:

    Hi Marguerite,
    I’ve followed you to here. I love your new blog and the quilt on the machine up there. Did you ever get your Beetles quilt finished? Looking forward to keeping up with you 🙂

    • mquilting says:

      Hi Sue, yes ! The Beatles quilt got finished but is one of those projects that did not get blogged about. I will have to dig around and make a section of past projects that did not make it to the blog yet!

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